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Zerocash has arrived. Is your body ready?

ZCash (ZEC) is one of the highest anticipated coins since the Etherium launch in 2015.   Announced as Zerocoin in 2013, Zerocash is an an improved version and is now called Zcash. 

Official Website

Update November 10, 2016

CLAYMORE's ZECMiner Latest version v3.0-3.1 (WINDOWS ONLY): Updated and works blazingly fast and is now superior to SilentArmy, Genoil and the rest. Use with AMD GPUs only. Use the command below in your batch file.Bitcointalk Page

Download Claymore's ZECMiner (MEGA)

ZClassic Is Ninja Launched!

Zclassic is a fork of Zcash and this ones a sleeper. No slow start and no founders tax make this fair and interesting for miners, traders and investors.

Visit zclassic website


Zcash launched to mainnet on October 28, 2016.
If you need an address open an account on Bittrex or other exchange. The official wallet can be compiled in linux at this time https://github.com/zcash/zcash/wiki/1.0-User-Guide.
You will want to mine and sell Zcash for profit at this stage. Deflationary pressures will cause Zcash to trend lower for possibly months. Consider building a position in 2017 after the hype has left. Some exchanges include Bittrex and Poloniex. Coinmarketcap is a good source.

10/31/2016 - There was wwild price action with prices in the thousands per Zcash. The following is now old speculation.

Due to the slow mining start in the first month through the end of november, deliberate for fairness, there will a limited supply of Zcash during this period. Thereforce, we expect high prices initially. Its reasonalbe to see it trade over $100 right out of the gate. The futures contracts at Bitmex reached an ATH (all time high) of 0.45 (over $300). Vew livecharts at Bitmex and CryptoWat.ch
At this time prior to launch there are CPU and GPU miners available
A XEON quad core processor can do 40 sol/s.on an optimized miner at this time. A RX470 will do 23+ sol/s

For XEON Processors take a look at this modified nheqminer for improved hashratehttps://github.com/sarath-hotspot/nheqminer

Important: The Genoil miner will mine using your GPU only. You will also want to run nheqminer (CPU) at the sime time as Genoil to mine with both GPU and CPU.

Exchanges will add Zcash after launch.
Hashpower can be rented at NiceHash and additional providers are expected.
This is the easiest way to mine without having techincal experience. Go to Genesis Mining and select the 1 year ZEC mining contracts for highest return. Pay with Bitcoin or Credit Card. Use this link to get a discount of 3 % on all Hashpower packages with code jv9PE7
Genesis Mining
Discount Code: jv9PE7
Its easier than you think! More info coming soon.
Yes! the RX series such as Saphire RX 470 OC provides excellent performance to price. Watch this video by imineblocks for more information about bios editing using the 1500 strap for Etherium.
  • install ubuntu 16.04 LTS (recommend the Rufus tool to create USB stick)
  • Download the current amdgpupro driver.
  • Install the amdgpupro driver using this helpful guide in the SilentArmy github
  • Start mining

CPU Miners (opensource)

GPU Miners (use caution)

always use caution using unknown software!

CLAYMORE's ZECMiner Latest version v3.0-3.1 (WINDOWS ONLY): Updated and works blazingly fast and is now superior to SilentArmy, Genoil and the rest. Use with AMD GPUs only. Use the command below in your batch file.Bitcointalk Page

ZCash Mining Pools

Pool Port Fee RTT Notes
coinmine.pl 7007 1% 95.9 ms
zec.suprnova.cc 2142 1% 163.8 ms EU based
coinsforall.io 6668 4% 175.9 ms Large Fee, possiibly scampool
zmine.io 1337 2% 167.8 ms EU + USA servers

Pool RTT (round trip time) performed using the hping3 utility originating in San Jose, California USA. Lower is better, obv.

NiceHash CPU Miner

Getting started with the NiceHash Equihash CPU Miner

  • Install dependencies
    sudo apt-get install cmake build-essential libboost-all-dev 
    • Clone and checkout the repository
      git clone https://github.com/razakal/nheqminer.git
    • Compile nicehash equihash miner
      cd nheqminer/nheqminer
      mkdir build
      cd build
      cmake ..
    • Run nicehash equihash miner 
      ./nheqminer -l zmine.io:1337 -u YOURZCOINWALLETADDRESS
      ./nheqminer -l zec.suprnova.cc:2142 -u WEBLOGIN.WORKER -p PASSWORD -t 4
      nheqminer_x64_AVX.exe -l usa -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS_HERE.worker1

      Be certain to replace the wallet address or login/passwords above with your own

    str4d's CPU Miner

    Getting started with str4d's standalone minerCPU Miner

    • Install dependencies 
      sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config libc6-dev m4 g++-multilib autoconf libtool ncurses-dev unzip git python zlib1g-dev wget bsdmainutils automake
    • Clone and checkout the repository
      git clone https://github.com/str4d/zcash.git zminer
      cd zminer
      git checkout standalone-miner
    • Compile
      ./zcutil/build.sh -j$(nproc)
    • Run str4d's miner 
      ./src/zcash-miner -stratum=stratum+tcp://zmine.io:1337 -user=YOURZCOINWALLETADDRESS -equihashsolver=tromp -genproclimit=-1

    Great Resources

    Video: How to mine zcash on Ubuntu

    SOSIT on Youtube with a good video. How to mine zcash on Ubuntu

    How to Mine Zcash on Windows – CPU Pool Miner

    By RiskyFire AKA imineblocks, Instructions for setting up your Windows based computer to mine Zcash coins on Suprnova pool.

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